Just Be! (2nd ed.) helps the reader to focus on herself the way God created her to be.  It helps her to discover her own beauty and who she is in Christ Jesus.  It addresses issues that many women currently face that may be hindering their ability to be bold and confident.  It also addresses issues that may be hindering her ability to see who she really is, who God created her to be.

This edition is perfect for use as a journal for individuals, small groups and conferences.  The topics of each chapter are perfect for building an entire conference around.  Suggestions for use as a conference or small group journal are also included.
List Price: $7.99
5" x 8" 
106 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1514629024
ISBN-10: 1514629024
Religion / Christian Life / Women's Issues

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Just Be!

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.    Psalm 139:14