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Below are a few of the comments I have received. I only post first names unless permission to do otherwise has been given.  The comments below have been taken from those posted on Amazon, emails I have received, and comments on other social media outlets from those who have readJust Be!.

This book is an awesome read for women from all walks of life. Melodie reaffirms the Biblical truths that we are all "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" As women we all face the same comparisons, judgements, and second-guessing ourselves. You are not alone! Be Bold! Be Beautiful! Be Confident in who you are in Christ Jesus. I love the fact that is a ~ Go to Guide~ when I need reassurance and Scriptural reference.  ~ Denise

​This is one of those books that you want in your library to read and reread. It is an inspirational and
powerful resource for anyone. We all have those times in life that we feel down, left out, unloved and
how do i go on. We have someone that loves us very much, our Heavenly Father and this book reminds
us that we are special. Please read!!!  ~ Mary

This book is simply honest and simple. It was very easy to identify with the author, and her biblical references were helpful to the situations being discussed. I really appreciated how easy it was to read this book.  ~ C. Harper

​Hi, I've just finished reading your book, even though I'm a male and I had to substitute some words, it was very helpful, more than you know.  I know my walk with God is going to be a journey that will enlighten me beyond my own perception and I'm truly excited about it. Your book though, touched on a few things that I thought I lost from my youth and after the read has reignited those beliefs. Thank you again and keep up the good work. It's made a difference to me. ~ Chris

​​I really have enjoyed this book – I read and re-read a lot of it.  It’s definitely a lot of basic information that needs to be in print.  All things I kind of knew as I was growing up, but having it in print would have been extremely beneficial.  Even during adulthood, my confidence has never been as awesome and solid as Melodie’s.  I know you were a major support for her through this writing, and you are both very blessed to be living near each other.I have been slow to respond to you about this delightful book. Yes, it’s easy to read, but has so much meaty stuff in it, that each chapter is worth a slow re-read each time....I’m planning on re-reading Melodie’s book as I need the reinforcement of my  inner beauty.  Which I don’t think is very beautiful; I’m learning to trust and depend and I’m failing a lot.  So her encouraging words and the scriptures she uses will remind me that I’m already beautiful – even as I lose patience and get frustrated. ~ Jane

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.    Psalm 139:14

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